Director: Matthew Gravelle
Producer: Matthew Gravelle/University of Wales College, Newport
Animation: Matthew Gravelle
Year: 2000
Running Time: 3'56"
Format: 35mm/Beta SP/Digi Beta/DVD/Mini DV
Ratio: 4:3
Technique: 2D Drawn Animation & Stop Motion
Colour: Colour
Sound: Matthew Gravelle
Music: Barry White
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Male life drawings secretly express themselves through dance.

Made as Matthew's degree film whilst studying Animation at the University of Wales College, Newport, the film received a Best International Short Film nomination at the Molodist International Film Festival, Ukraine (2000), exhibited at the VTO Gallery, London (2001) and chosen for television broadcast in France/Germany for the series Danse avec l'Art (2002).

- Cork Film Festival, Ireland (Selected for the International Short Competition 2002)
- Dance Film Forum, London (2000)
- Dance On Screen, The Place, London (2000)
- Dance Umbrella, Woking, Surrey (2001)
- EU Film Festival, Colombia (2002)
- International Film Festival Of Wales 2000, Cardiff (2000)
- Kino Film Festival, Manchester (2001)
- Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia (Selected for the International Competition Screening 2000)
- Molodist International Film Festival, Ukraine (Nominated for Best International Short Film 2001)
- Pandemonium Festival, London (2000)
- Queer Cymru, Cardiff (2005)
- Selected for television broadcast in France/Germany for the series 'Danse avec l'Art' (2002)
- Sitges Film Festival, Spain (2001)
- VTO Gallery, London (2001)